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Featured Oven Manufacturers:


Wall Ovens
KitchenAid offers a variety of well respected single ovens, double ovens, and other high quality cooking appliances for the home.

General Electric

Wall Ovens
Featuring advanced technologies with high quality manufacturing and design, GE offers a wide variety of ovens that are cutting edge, as well as practical American classics.


Wall Ovens
Wolf is highly respected for quality wall ovens available in classic stainless steel or black glass. Wolf built-in ovens are one of the world leaders in quality culinary appliances.

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Oven Buying Guide

Wall ovens come in a variety of sizes. Make sure you take accurate measurements and get the right capacity that fits your cooking needs and kitchen requirements. If you require the ability to cook two or more dishes at one time, make sure you take that into consideration when you buy. Large ovens are more flexible, but they will use more energy.

Types of Ovens

  • Convection: Circulates air inside the oven to cook evenly. This method is preferred by professional chefs. It can brown food more evenly instead of only on the top.
  • Gas: Good at holding moisture in food as most of the heat is held at the bottom. Gas ovens do not have as many features as an Electric or Convection oven, unless you get into the professional or commercial style models.
  • Electric: These have bake elements that can provide more even cooking, and a tilt function will make cleaning under the element much easier. Hidden bake elements are also available in some models.


  • A clear view window can be important to check cooking progress without repeatedly opening the door
  • Self cleaning, time cook, and many other convenient options are available in today’s models
  • High and low broiling can be useful when cooking thicker meats or other dishes that require more gentle cooking
  • For baking considerations, a large bottom loop element releases more even heat for better baking results
  • If easy cleaning is your primary concern, a hidden bake element can make spills and self cleaning easier
  • Make sure to understand the options your oven offers to ensure they match your requirements

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