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Laminate offers beautiful looks that emulate the elegance of porcelain tile and the warmth of hardwood, but with the easy maintenance and super durability.


Replicates the look and feel of wood planks. The surface design and color roll over the edge for an authentic plank look.

Ark Floors

Our high-definition technology allows TruCraft laminate to perfectly mirror the color, texture, and grain of the most exotic hardwoods, without the higher price.

Laminate Buying Guide

Laminate flooring has come a long way over the years. Today’s laminates are high performance, high quality floors with beautiful finishes. Laminate differs from natural hardwood in that the base material is not wood, but a variety of substrates, and the visible layer is a high resolution print under a protective coating. Finishes come in wood grain, ceramic, stone, and flat colors. Whichever finish you choose, they all resist wear as well as handle moisture more effectively than hardwood floors.

The Four Layers of Construction

Wear Layer: This top layer protects the surface and printed layer from scratching and scuffing.
Photographic Image Layer: This layer produces the image of wood, ceramic tile, stone or other materials.
Inner Core Layer: Typically made from high-density fiberboard, this layer not only forms the tongue and grove edges for installation, but also is the base for the photographic and wear layer. Water resistant sealers are used to protect against moisture.
Backing Layer: This base layer is fused to the inner core layer for stability and additional protection against moisture and warping.


When investing in your home, you always want to make sure whatever you are buying is covered by a warranty. The standard warranty time for laminate flooring is no less than fifteen years. Be sure your warranty includes protection against early wear and tear, staining, or fading at the very least. Extended warranties may also offer protection against accidental moisture damage.


Laminate flooring locks together for installation and can be installed anywhere, including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Laminate is very forgiving and can be installed directly over concrete, vinyl, and tile.

Shopping Tip

Take a little extra time and select two or three samples to take home and see how they look in your environment. When it’s time to buy, remember variations can occur between batches, so buy all the flooring you will need at once.

Please come into our showroom and see the many examples we have on display. Our experts will help you determine the right laminate floor for your needs.