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We carry a wide variety of dishwashers from dozens of brands. From basic to luxury models we carry them all. Come see our showroom and learn about the perfect dishwasher for your kitchen. Get complete installation and removal services with purchase.

Featured Dishwasher Manufacturers


General Electric

With GE's innovative technology, all you have to do is load your dirty dishes and push a button. That's it.


Miele guarantees that your new Miele will wash better and be quieter than your existing dishwasher, or get a full refund.


Whirlpool provides a wide variety of affordable dishwashers with convenient and flexible features to handle all your dishwashing needs.

Appliance Manufacturers

We Install All Brands We Carry

After over 40 years in Sacramento, Masters Wholesale is making many changes including an extensive remodel to our already fantastic showroom. Come see our complete selection of appliances and flooring ranging from American classics to luxurious European imports. When you order from us, you enjoy a total service experience including turn-key removal and installation services. Call or visit today! 


Dishwashers Buying Guide

When Buying A Dishwasher

A quality dishwasher will save you time, effort, and water by relieving the need to pre-rinse dishes before going in the dishwasher. Features such as rack systems, self cleaning, and noise reduction should also be taken into consideration when selecting a dishwasher.

  • Built-in Models: These are the most common models and are installed under your counters in your cabinetry.
  • Double Drawer Models: Standard sized models also installed in cabinetry, but these allow the flexibility of running smaller and larger loads.
  • Single Drawer and Compact Models: Work perfectly in bonus areas like media rooms and wet bars and can handle smaller loads, relieving the need to run the large dishwasher for small jobs.
  • Portable Dishwashers: Can be used in small and temporary living spaces, as well as outdoor kitchens.

Features to keep in mind:

  • Hot Water: The hotter the water the better when it comes to getting your dishes clean. Some dishwashers increase the temperature of your hot water before being used in the cleaning cycle. Keep an eye on these for the most powerful cleaning abilities.
  • Rack System: The rack system is one of the most important options with a dishwasher. The easy loading and removal of your most common dishes will be much appreciated. Also look for the flexibility to handle all the types of cookware you may place in the dishwasher. Make sure your larger pots and pans can be accommodated, when needed. This ability to adjust can be critical in keeping your dishes in the dishwasher, instead of in the sink.
  • Self Cleaning: Self cleaning systems are critical in a high performance dishwasher. The ability to remove food particles with a filtration system will produce the cleanest dishes from even the toughest loads.
  • Cycles: Pay attention to the cycles available on the dishwasher you are considering. Does it have specific cycles for the timing and types of loads that you run? There are specific functions like quick wash for lightly soiled loads, and sanitizing washes which are good for households with children and other sanitizing needs. Some dishwashers provide spot removing cycles with steam to ensure a clean run, which helps sanitize and kill any bacteria as well. There are also specific cycles for the types of dishes being washed; see that the cycles you will require are supported on your dishwasher model.
  • Noise: The amount of noise a dishwasher produces varies widely from model to model. Some are insulated specifically to reduce noise, while more affordable options may not be as well insulated. Dishwasher noise levels are rated by decibels where 40-50 is near silent, and a rating of 60 or more will be heard clearly in the kitchen.
  • Tub Materials: There are a variety of tub materials: stainless steel resists stains, as well as dries dishes more rapidly. Dark metal tanks, in gray and slate, resist rust and stains. Plastic tubs on more affordable dishwashers are also very durable and long lasting.

 Let the appliance masters at Masters Wholesale help you select the perfect dishwasher for your needs.

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