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Ranges & Stoves

We carry a wide variety of ranges and stoves from dozens of brands. From basic to luxury models we carry them all. Come see our showroom and learn about the perfect range or stove for your kitchen. Get complete installation and removal services with purchase.

Featured Ranges & Stoves Manufacturers

Ranges & Stoves


Wolf Ranges
Refined through seven decades of demanding use for the ability to engineer the precise control of heat, temperature, and airflow necessary to ensure delicious results.


Viking Ranges
The Viking name is synonymous with quality cooking appliances. Get the high performance features demanded in commercial kitchens.

General Electric

GE Budget Buy Winner
Good Housekeeping Budget Buy Winner, good boiling speed and simmer control, griddle burner and warming drawer are "nice extras".

Appliance Manufacturers

We Install All Brands We Carry

After over 40 years in Sacramento, Masters Wholesale is making many changes including an extensive remodel to our already fantastic showroom. Come see our complete selection of appliances and flooring ranging from American classics to luxurious European imports. When you order from us, you enjoy a total service experience including turn-key removal and installation services. Call or visit today!


Ranges & Stoves Buying Guide

Buying A Range or Stove

When buying a kitchen range, there are many things to consider. Take note of not only the size needed for your space, but style, features, and function as well. Look for ranges with a variety of burner and element configurations providing for high heat on one and low temperature control on others. This will allow you to boil fast and simmer effectively depending on the recipe requirements.


Electric Ranges:

Electric ranges can be used without access to natural gas and are known for supplying even heating across their elements. Cooktop choices:

  • Coil Cooktop: Coil cooktops can be easily removed for cleaning, distribute heat evenly and are  inexpensive to repair.
  • Induction Cooktop: Induction is highly efficient and provides accurate temperature control using electromagnetic waves to transfer energy to the food.
  • Ceramic-Glass Cooktop: Easy to clean and flexible with dual elements and simmer burners.

Gas Ranges:

There are a variety of gas range configurations other than your traditional gas burner.

  • Open Burner: The traditional gas burner, open topped with the ability to remove the cooktop for cleaning.
  • Sealed Burner: These burners are mounted below the cooking surface and are sealed in and mounted flush to provide easy clean up.
  • Dual-Fuel Ranges: This gives you both the gas cooktop and the electric oven, bringing you both accuracy and consistency in your heating.


  • Free Standing: Free standing ranges have finished sides and back splash so they can be installed anywhere with a finished look.
  • Slide-In / Drop-In: Slide-in ranges have a built-in look with no backsplash. The sides are not finished or enclosed so they must be installed in cabinets.

Oven Heating Processes

  • Bake: Heats from below
  • Broil: Heats from above with high temperatures
  • Convection: Circulates the air inside the oven for even heat distribution

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