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We carry a wide variety of refrigerators from dozens of brands. From basic to luxury models we carry them all. Come see our showroom and learn about the perfect refrigerator for your kitchen. Get complete installation and removal services with purchase.

Featured Refrigerator Manufacturers



Sleek design and a variety of food preservation features, Bosch is more than just a beautiful face.


Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by JD Power. Keeps food fresher and is demanded by top chefs everywhere.

General Electric

Nice quality with good style, perfect for the budget minded buyer.

Appliance Manufacturers

We Install All Brands We Carry

After over 40 years in Sacramento, Masters Wholesale is making many changes including an extensive remodel to our already fantastic showroom. Come see our complete selection of appliances and flooring ranging from American classics to luxurious European imports. When you order from us, you enjoy a total service experience including turn-key removal and installation services. Call or visit today! 


Refrigerator Buying Guide

When Buying A Refrigerator

Measure very carefully; your measurements will have a big impact on the refrigerator that you buy. Select the right configuration with the correct amount of storage for your needs. Take into consideration the following:

  • If you need a reversible door, make sure you know this before buying
  • Do you require a water and ice dispenser, and if so, do you require door access or access from inside the fridge?
  • Energy saving considerations: a refrigerator runs continuously so an energy saving model can have an impact on your energy bill
  • Think about the flexibility of the storage and how it fits your needs. Do you require easy storage for gallons of milk and other bulky items?
  • Do you store a lot of fresh vegetables? Make sure you get the storage that fits your needs
  • Be sure you get a delivery service that will also remove your existing appliance

Features to keep in mind: ice makers, reversible door models, spill-proof shelves, temperature control drawers, ice/water dispensers, split shelves, wine racks, video screens and multimedia combo units.

Types of Refrigerators

French Door

French Doors have more flexible refrigerator storage than other models, giving your fresh foods and bulky items more room. Most have integrated water and ice dispensers.


Good balance of space for both fresh and frozen foods. The doors open vertically down the middle making this model the best choice when space is a concern. Most have integrated water and ice dispensers.

Bottom Freezer

Easy access to reach your frozen foods fast. Also good for smaller kitchens.

Top Freezer

Classic refrigerator configuration, available in smaller sizes.

Come in and talk to our experts to get help finding the right refrigerator for your needs.

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