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Washers & Dryers

We carry a wide variety of washers and dryers from dozens of brands. From basic to luxury models we carry them all. Come see our showroom and learn about the perfect washer or dryer for your kitchen. Get complete installation and removal services with purchase.

Featured Washing Machines Manufacturers

Washers & Dryers


Washer Dryer Combos
Easy-to-use high quality washers and dryers with large capacities and Energy Star ratings to reduce your bills.


Washer Dryer Combo
Miele washers and dryers save energy, and employ a patented Honeycomb Drum™ designed to extend the life of fabrics at least four times longer.

General Electric

Washer Dryer Combos
With energy-efficiency and water-savings at the top of the list, GE has created large-capacity washer and dryer products that not only clean your clothes with a gentle touch, but also give you more space for big (and therefore fewer!) loads.

Appliance Manufacturers

We Install All Brands We Carry

After over 40 years in Sacramento, Masters Wholesale is making many changes including an extensive remodel to our already fantastic showroom. Come see our complete selection of appliances and flooring ranging from American classics to luxurious European imports. When you order from us, you enjoy a total service experience including turn-key removal and installation services. Call or visit today!


Washers & Dryers Buying Guide

When Buying A Washing Machine

Washing machines can have the biggest impact on your electricity bill over time, so pay attention to energy usage when selecting the right model for you.


  • Top-Loader: Large capacity and easy top loading with the traditional look.
  • Front-Loader: More modern styling with optional pedestals for extra storage. Raised front-loaders bring the washer to a convenient level for loading. Some models have steam cycles for enhanced cleaning and other special features.


  • Capacity: This is one of the most important considerations in a washing machine. Make sure you purchase a washing machine that is the right size for your needs.
  • Cycles: Most washing machines have cycles for delicate, standard, and fast washing cycles when needed. Some models now have a built in drying capability that can vent air into the washer for varying levels of drying.

NOTE: When buying a washing machine, keep in mind the demands you will place on it and purchase accordingly. Possible considerations: tough stain removal, light wash options, and the need to remove allergens and bacteria. Today’s models provide more options and price points than ever before.

When Buying A Dryer

All dryers use electricity, but some models generate heat with electricity while others generate heat with gas.

Types of Dryers

  • Electric Dryers: Electric dryers are typically less expensive than gas, but energy costs will outweigh the savings over time. Electric dryers have specific electrical requirements (240V). Make sure you have the correct electrical connection to run an electric dryer.
  • Gas Dryers: Gas dryers are typically more expensive to purchase, but will save money over time through energy savings. Gas dryers use electricity to run, but are heated by gas which saves energy.

Important Tip:
Capacity is one of the main concerns with dryers, as well as washing machines. A good rule of thumb is to have a dryer that can handle twice the load of your washer. The larger the capacity of your dryer, the more it will save on time and energy, while producing less wrinkles.

Featured Cycles

  • Standard: Most dryers have cycles for delicate, standard wash, and permanent press.
  • Sensor: Newer models have added features like Sensor Dry or Eco-Dry, which sense your clothes are dry and shut off automatically, being better for your clothes and saving energy at the same time.
  • Steam Cycle: This feature revives wrinkled clothes and remove odors.
  • Delicate: A low temperature dry that prevents harm to your more delicate clothes.
  • Wrinkle Removal Cycle: Revives clothes that have sat in the dryer too long; a must have for busy families that don’t always get to their clothes immediately when they are dry.
  • Sanitization Cycles: Give clothes a deep cleansing from allergens and many bacteria.

Come in and talk to our experts to get help finding the right washer or dryer for your needs.

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