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Bamboo & Cork

We carry a wide range of bamboo and cork flooring which are both considered sustainable materials. Both come in a wide range of colors and textures. Come see our showroom and learn about the perfect bamboo or cork flooring for your home. Get complete installation and removal services with purchase.

We have Flooring Design Consultants in-house ready to help you plan and create just the right look. Design consultations are by appointment only. Call direct to (916) 635-2504 or click below to schedule a consultation!

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Featured Bamboo & Cork Flooring Manufacturers

Bamboo & Cork


Bamboo Flooring
Beautiful, sustainable flooring in signature colors like charcoal, cherry, espresso, walnut and much more.


Cork Flooring
Beautiful and durable, natural cork floors offer a wide assortment of patterns and colors to choose from.


Bamboo Flooring
Achieving the beauty of hardwood in the most environmentally-friendly way. Available in 6 colors and styles.

Flooring Manufacturers

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Bamboo & Cork Buying Guide

Bamboo Buying Guide


Bamboo is an amazing material for flooring because it is attractive and durable, as well as a sustainable option. Bamboo is as hard as most hardwoods and is a “green” option, as it is rapidly renewable. Bamboo is harvested approximately every 6 years, as opposed to 30 years for most other hardwoods.

Bamboo flooring can be used in the same places that a hardwood floor would be applied. Avoid bathrooms and other moist areas. Bamboo flooring comes in a variety of looks and styles. Grade A bamboo is the most desirable, while grade B bamboo may have inconsistencies and be less durable over time.

Bamboo is easy to clean, non-allergenic, and can handle high traffic areas with standard maintenance and care. Dust mop, vacuum, or clean with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners, soap based detergents, or any type of abrasive pad on a bamboo floor.

Bamboo can be natural color, carbonized for darker more rich colors, or stained like a hardwood. Direct print bamboo also supplies a wide variety of design options from colors to textures and patterns.

Stranded Bamboo: Stranded bamboo flooring is created by heating long strips of bamboo, weaving them together, and compressing them into a durable floor with pressure and heat. The result of this process is a woven and stranded bamboo floor that easily rivals traditional hardwood floors, as a durable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective option.

Installation Options

Installation options include nail down, glue down, floating with glue seam, and floating with glueless click. Barrier options include padding, sound barriers and moisture barriers.

Cork Buying Guide


Cork flooring is visually stunning, as well as having unique properties for comfort, sound suppression and insulation. Cork is a sustainable flooring option and has less impact on the environment when being harvested and manufactured than many other flooring options.

Cork flooring comes in a wide variety of colors from natural to deep saturated hues, with a wide variety of dynamic patterns.

Cork, A Renewable Resource: Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree every 10 or so years without lasting damage to the tree. Cork oak trees can live for over 150 years enabling many harvests over its lifetime.

Natural Features: Cork is naturally full of tiny air pockets which gives it cushion and resiliency. Cork contains Suberin, which makes cork water resistant and also helps repel pests like termites and prevents mold and mildew.

Installation Locations

Be aware that cork may be affected by exposure to direct sunlight and very dry or wet environments. Consult with a flooring expert to make sure the cork floor you select is right for your application.

Consult our flooring experts for the best options to meet your budget and needs.

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