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Wolf Appliances

Wolf has been applying their innovative engineering expertise to creating commercial cooking appliances for over 80 years. Their excellence in creating best-in-class appliances has been proven time and again throughout its long history. Millions of people around the world have used Wolf appliances to enhance their cooking and create incredible dishes worth sharing. Wolf has taken the expertise they gained in the commercial sector and created products designed with consumers and the household in mind. They apply the same amount of dedication and obsession with creating top tier products to their consumer products as they do with their commercial offerings.

Masters Wholesale sells and installs many of Wolf’s exceptional appliances. Our expert staff is intimately familiar with all things Wolf and we provide turnkey installation services performed by manufacturer certified professionals. Wolf manufactures quality products that can help to elevate your home cooking to new heights. Among their best-selling products are their Wolf range tops, Wolf cooktops, Wolf wall ovens, Wolf steam ovens, Wolf induction cooktops, and the Wolf warming drawers.

Wolf Appliances Carried by Masters Wholesale

Here are some of the Wolf products you can find at your local Masters Wholesale showroom.

Ranges are a staple in every home, but low quality and poorly constructed units can cause years of hassle and headache. Wolf ranges come in varying types, sizes, and styles. Wolf gas ranges provide precision at low and high heats and the ability to quickly change temperatures to keep everything perfectly balanced for even the trickiest of dishes. Wolf induction ranges provide fast and consistent cook times while having a smaller impact on the environment thanks to their use of magnets for heating. Wolf ranges provide precision control so home chefs can leverage the power and finesse of professional appliances in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Wolf Built-In Ovens

Wolf wall ovens provide a sleek and effective method of preparing homemade classics. Wolf’s built-in ovens come in convection, convection steam, and convection speed variations. Wolf’s standard convection ovens are equipped with dual fans to circulate heated air throughout the oven to ensure even temperatures from top to bottom. Wolf convection steam ovens provide the health benefits of steaming to ensure foods retain all their precious nutrients throughout the cooking process. Wolf convection speed ovens offer optimal performance in less time and in a smaller package. Combining the power of microwaves and convection, the Wolf convection speed oven provides all-in-one versatility for preparing a wide variety of food in shorter cook times.

Wolf Cooktops

Beautiful and effective in form and function, Wolf cooktops provide powerful and precise heating capabilities that can fit into nearly any kitchen. Wolf cooktops come in gas, electric, and induction versions. Regardless of your preference for heating method, all of Wolf’s cooktops and ranges can be custom installed in your existing countertops to fit seamlessly into your kitchen. Wolf cooktops and ranges offer a sleek and effective means for preparing delicious meals in your home.

Wolf Warming Drawers

For entertainers who seek to up their game and ensure each course and dish is served at its ideal time and temperature, Wolf warming drawers are the perfect way to keep food at the right temperature without negatively impacting the flavor. Wolf warming drawers can also be used for heating plates and mugs to really nail home that professional level of execution. You can even use it to warm towels for a spa experience at home.

Wolf Convection Steam Ovens

Steam cooking provides many health and flavor benefits. Convection steam ovens mean you can cut back on fatty oils, retain more of the natural vitamins and minerals in the food, and prevent flavors from crossing during the cooking process for more distinct flavors. Wolf steam ovens are engineered with a climate sensor to ensure the results are free of guesswork. Wolf convection ovens are available in different sizes and with various trim, kits to fit the space you have available.

Masters Wholesale carries all these products and more in our welcoming showroom where you can see how they can fit into the kitchen of your dreams. In addition to carrying these products and many others, Masters Wholesale also provides turnkey installation services for all products we carry which are performed by manufacturer certified professional technicians. We also host live demo kitchens in the showroom where you can see these and other products in action. You can request a quote or consultation online or stop by in person to check out these and other incredible products we offer.